cm. 54 x 55 x 78/82h

Famiglia di sedute con struttura in metallo verniciato con polveri epossidiche o cromato. Il sedile e lo schienale in polipropilene termoiniettato contengono di serie l’additivo anti UV, anche nella versione autoestinguente. La possibilità di imbottire sedile e schienale amplifica il comfort della seduta esaltandone il design. S410 è concepita per essere impilata agevolmente sia in verticale che in orizzontale. Il sedile ribaltabile è disponibile nei telai a 4 gambe. L’ampiezza della gamma e degli accessori la rendono particolarmente adatta agli ambienti di lavoro, collettività, studio, spettacolo e contract.

cm. 54 x 55 x 78/82h

The family of seating S410 is designed to offer an adaptable system for multifunctional uses. The wide range of configuration gives the seat a natural versatility for working, community, studying/learning, entertainment and contract spaces. The innovation in concept and constructive solutions guarantee a high level of comfort and the respect of ergonomics parameters as well as a high level in strength for a prolonged use. The design is essential but looks carefully to every single detail. The metal frame has a peculiar section’s profile which makes the seat more resistant and supports others specific features. Its multifunctional uses enable several easy configurations: with polypropylene, padded and upholstered seat and back. The frame is set for arms, tip-up seat, wheels and supports sled and bench versions. Among the accessories is available the writing top for both arms. The family is completed by a wide range of customisation in finishes and colours. The seats are both horizontally and vertically stackable for a rational use of space also in configurations whith writing top.


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